Actor Chris Evans is known for portraying the Marvel superhero Captain America, and he wrapped up his run in Avengers: Endgame. But could Evans ever suit up again? In a new GQ profile, Evans said he has a “never-say-never” attitude, but don’t count on it.

“It was such a wonderful experience. But I’m also very precious with it,” Evans said about playing Captain America (via Variety). “It’s something that I am very proud of. And like I said, sometimes I can’t believe it even happened. And I wouldn’t want the black eye if it felt like a cash grab or if it didn’t live up to expectations or if it just felt like it wasn’t connected to that original thing. So, no time soon.”

In general, Evans said he is hoping to “maybe act a little bit less” going forward. He said he wants to go pursue his other interests and is satisfied with his acting career.

“By no means have I climbed any sort of a mountain in this field. I have no Oscars and I’m not lumped with other names that are at the top of the mountain in any way. But I also feel very satisfied,” Evans said.

At this stage in his career, Evans said he will be choosier about roles. He said he’s a big fan of the fall season and doesn’t want to be busy working while the leaves are changing. He might also turn his attention to making furniture. “I could just make furniture for nobody and be happy,” he said.

Evans made his debut as Steve Rogers/Captain America in 2011’s Captain America. He played the character many times over the years in Captain America sequels and the Avengers movies.

Evans is also know for voicing Buzz Lightyear in 2022’s Lightyear and for his roles in the Netflix movies Don’t Look Up and The Gray Man. He also starred in the mystery movie Knives Out. Before he got the role of Captain America, he played Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four.

The next Captain America movie, 2024’s Brave New World, features Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Captain America.

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