Call of Duty continues to work out new ways to make the lives of cheaters miserable. The team behind the series’ Ricochet Anti-Cheat has been experimenting with reducing cheaters’ weapon damage significantly, making them feel delirious by creating enemies only they can see, turning real enemies invisible, and taking away their weapons.

Just recently, 14,000 were banned thanks to new detection techniques that identified them based on the cheat maker they bought their hacks from. But Call of Duty is not stopping there, as the game will now broadcast their names for everyone in the match to see.

Starting in Warzone, and Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 (which is live now), the kill feed will show the names of cheaters the system banned, in real-time. Call of Duty’s official Twitter account revealed this extra-nasty news earlier.

The news has been received very positively, which is not surprising. Outside of the immediate effect on Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone this also bodes well for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 – which is being revealed in Warzone, potentially in two weeks.

Naming and shaming cheaters in public matches is actually something previous Battlefield games have expiremented with, except their names would pop up for the entirety of the game and not just the match they were in.

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