Call of Duty: Warzone will once again play host to a Call of Duty reveal from Activision at some point this year with the publisher saying this week that it plans to unveil Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in that manner. Activision of course did not say “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” in those exact words since it hasn’t formally confirmed what the next Call of Duty game will be called despite leaks pointing to exactly that name, but it instead said that it’ll reveal “Call of Duty 2023” in Warzone. Regardless, that’s where players can expect the reveal to take place once the time comes.

When that time will be is another question entirely since Activision didn’t specify when it plans to reveal the new Call of Duty game, but the fact that it’s being talked about now means that the reveal shouldn’t be too far away. The latest Call of Duty post from Activision talking about Warzone, Modern Warfare 2, and related topics included a brief passage about the intentions to reveal the new game in the battle royale setting.

“Drop into Call of Duty: Warzone to experience the worldwide reveal for Call of Duty 2023 in a limited-time event,” Activision said. “Join the ranks of Shadow Company to take on Konni forces and secure the chemical weapon threat before it’s too late. Stay tuned to Call of Duty channels for more details about the upcoming reveal.”

Fortnite should largely be credited with popularizing these sorts of in-universe reveals wherein the game uses its own interactive platform to host live events that usher in the next stage of whatever’s to come, but it’s a format that Activision has adopted with Warzone, too, to show how the map and other parts of the game will change. A new Call of Duty game hasn’t really been revealed in this manner before, but seeing how the next iteration will presumably be Modern Warfare 3, that’ll at least make for an easier transition from the current Modern Warfare 2.

Activision coyly responded to the most recent Modern Warfare 3 leak by addressing it in a roundabout manner, but that’s the closest we’ve gotten to the next game being confirmed.

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