This Blades of Chance Items guide contains everything you need to know about drop items from what they are, where they are and what they do!

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Blades of Chance Items

Items, known as Drop Items, are useful loot found randomly around the island map. They spawn randomly in both location and time, so the best way to stockpile is to explore whilst you roll. You can perform double jumps and run to help you out with island parkour since some items spawn high up in the hills.

To collect a found item, walk into it and the item will automatically be moved into your inventory found on the left side of the screen. Here you can view each found item, its useability and duration. The exception to this is Gems since they automatically get added to your total currency.

Items List and Use

Let’s get into the littered loot you can find around the game map!

  • Gems – Awards 15 Gems directly into your overall currency when obtained
    • Gems are used to expand Blade storage and unlock special chests such as the Chest of Dream for Limited Blades.
  • Luck Elixir – Provides +30% luck for 2 minutes when used
  • Cooldown Elixir – Quickens chest opening sequence by 25% for 1 minute
  • Fortune Elixir – Provides +50% luck for 2 minutes when used
  • Obby Elixir – Provides 15% luck for 1 minute when used
    • Can only be found when completing the Island Parkour located at the docks nearby spawn.

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