Starfield’s release is just a few weeks away, which means developer Bethesda is ramping up the hype machine. The latest cog in the machine is a new live-action trailer the team dropped at Gamescom Opening Night Live. The trailer was unveiled on stage by game director Todd Howard, who made it clear that the team was pulling out all stops for this one. Starfield fans were treated to a gorgeous-looking teaser for the game that was accompanied by an orchestral version of the classic Elton John song “Rocket Man.” If this trailer doesn’t get you excited to explore Starfield’s massive world, then nothing will.

Of course, this live-action Starfield trailer is more of a mood piece than anything else. Especially with the game only a few weeks away from launch, Bethesda isn’t going to give away any new story details. That said, as a showpiece, it certainly does the job. We see a stunning dogfight in space, an exploration of an unknown world, and even a few shots of robot buddies helping the protagonist on his journey. If this was a movie trailer, you’d be buying your tickets right now.

Sadly, Bethesda isn’t known to currently be working on anything like that, but this trailer does a great job of setting the mood for Starfield. Sure, there’s going to be some Elton John fans out there wondering why they didn’t just go with the original version of “Rocket Man,” but on the whole, this is an expertly done trailer that’s going to help bring anyone still on the fence about getting Starfield on day one.

Speaking of that, Starfield officially launches on Xbox and PC platforms on September 6. That said, if you buy the Premium or Constellation Editions, you can actually get up to five days of early access. If you want to drop the extra money, you can start playing Starfield on September 1, while also picking up some extra content including story DLC. However, it’s also important to remember that if you’re already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you’ll get the game as part of your subscription. So, if you can wait until September 6, you’ll get Starfield at no extra charge. You can download the latest Starfield Trainers and cheats from WeMod.

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