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Thanks to the collectible Zonai capsules in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can fuse the incredibly useful and versatile Zonai devices with your arrows in addition to your melee weapons and shields. Unfortunately, most of the Zonai devices don’t have much use when attached to arrows, although some of them, like the Time Bombs, do at least provide some interesting interactions. Some of the Zonai devices, however, have really solid utility, with one of them specifically enhancing traversal in a major way. If you would like to know about the best Zonai devices you can combine with arrows in Tears of the Kingdom, feel free to read further.

The most useful Zonai device and arrow combinations

When it comes to combat, the best Zonai device fuses for arrows tend to serve as substitutes for common arrow fuses you can find in the world. For instance, the Wing device makes your arrows fly farther just like the wing parts obtained from defeated monsters, and the Cannons allow for the same ranged explosion attacks as Bomb Flowers. If you find yourself running low on either monster wings or Bomb Flowers, their Zonai device equivalents can help make up for it. The same can be said of the Flame, Frost, and Shock Emitters, which have similar effects to other elemental materials.

Interestingly, the Rocket serves the same function as the Wing device when fused to an arrow while outclassing it in terms of distance traveled. On top of that, it increases the arrow’s attack power by ten, so you don’t have much practical reason to choose a Wing over a Rocket in this instance.

Outside of combat, attaching a Hover Stone to an arrow stands out as probably one of the best arrow fuses in Tears of the Kingdom. It automatically places a Hover Stone in whatever direction you fire your arrow in, and it will have its hover function activated by default. This massively streamlines the process of positioning Hover Stones in the environment, allowing you to easily climb to great heights. Not only that, but it also proves remarkably powerful when gliding. Whenever you nearly run out of stamina during a glide, simply place a Hover Stone underneath you with an arrow and then land on it. This will let you fully recover your stamina and begin gliding again from up high, meaning you can cross absolutely massive distances and reach the more difficult-to-access sky islands with much greater ease.

Tears Of The Kingdom Zonai Devices Arrows Hover Stone

Screenshot via PC Invasion

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