As of right now, Valve has not yet assigned a rating to the Lords of the Fallen reboot for its compatibility with the Steam Deck. But from what those who have tried the game on Valve’s handheld PC have said, it doesn’t seem to run perfectly on it by any means. If you leave the settings at their default level or try to crank them as high as you can, the results likely won’t turn out all that great. However, it still appears to be playable as long as you have the right settings in place, so here are the recommended settings for Steam Deck players based on what I have seen online.

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Multiple sources online suggest that players set Lords of the Fallen’s resolution to 1200×800. Not exactly the crispest image quality, but also far from the worst. People also suggest leaving V-sync on, the graphics preset to low, and the refresh rate to 40. Additionally, it appears that players should ideally set the motion blur, film grain, chromatic aberration, and half-rate shading all to off.

When it comes to the framerate, suggestions online vary somewhat. Some recommend putting the FPS cap at 60, an ideal number for a skill-based action game where individual frames matter a lot when making split-second reactions. Others, however, say that the game will ultimately struggle to maintain anything above a consistent 30 FPS, making 30 the recommended cap.

Ultimately, you will probably want to test the framerate for yourself to see if Lords of the Fallen remains more or less playable at higher settings on the Steam Deck. If you don’t run into any egregious issues when setting the framerate to 60, you can keep it at that level. Otherwise, try and cut it down to 30 to see if things become more stable.

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