You’re not tired of pixel indie games yet are you? CODE Bunny brings the most adorable cast of, you guessed it, bunny girls to! This game is set in the future, where bunny girls with a hunger for vengeance over carrots take to the colourful platforms, and scuff in melee battles. I hope bunny girls are in our future too. As both a fan of bunnies and girls, I’m ready to make the switch.

Bunny hop into the lore where Axel and Hazel enlist in the battle against a rampaging rabbit known by Mad Bunny. As marines to the VY Space Program, it’s your job (whilst in the paws of Axel and Hazel) to maneuver through the dangers and restore galactical peace. Of course, no great story is complete without the element of mystery and conspiracy.

What’s The CODE, Bunny?

Hazel is the leading warrior of this cotton tail (tale, get it?). With secrets of her own, Hazel’s body is a vessel for magic known as Karma. Whilst Karma is typically a sign of strength, the lore behind her immense Karma is quite the tragedy. Axel on the other bunny-foot isn’t much of a fighter but excels with exploration and crafty intelligent schemes. Plus, as a former ice skater, he battles quite gracefully!

The highlight of CODE Bunny lies in the stunning platform designs. As you control both the main characters interchangeably you’ll be able to zip through fast and exciting levels packed with intense combat. There is also a unique combat system within CODE Bunny that cradles balance. Gather EX Points as you battle which fuels your Aethr barrier. Then, release the Aethr!

Once you’ve had your fill of robotic space battles you can head back to Headquarters and enjoy the casual conversations between the main rabbits as well as a cast of other furry friends.

CODE Bunny chatroom

Where To Get The Game!

CODE Bunny is currently exclusively available to for only $9.99. The DEV has expressed interest in turning this game into a Steam title soon, so with a little more support hopefully they can! A lot of love has clearly been poured into CODE Bunny with the added inclusion of controller support! (So long as it is an Xbox gamepad).

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