Baldur’s Gate 3 is on the not-too-distant horizon, and it’s promising to be a big release. Coming 23 years after its predecessor, and 3 years after its early release, it has fans chomping at the bit. As time counts down to the final date of August the 3rd, we are now given even more ways to get involved. The studio has decided to have a Twitch tie-in and allow anyone watching their favorite streamer with drops enabled to stream Baldur’s Gate 3 and earn some in-game cosmetics.

How to enable Twitch Drops for Baldur’s Gate 3

The process you will have to go through to enable the Baldur’s Gate Twitch drops is relatively simple but does need to be done properly to work. Before you start watching your chosen streamer, you must make sure your accounts are linked. Baldur’s Gate uses Larian.

  • Once you have started a Larian Account, you must then link it to your Steam account under the settings and connections page. If you have purchased it through another platform, link this instead.
  • Go into your Twitch account and open up your settings menu under your avatar in the top right.
  • Navigate to the connections page and select your chosen platform. Link these two.

Once you have linked your accounts to Twitch, simply find a streamer with Drops enabled and sit back and enjoy.

Baldurs Gate Twitch Drops

Image Via Steam

How to claim your Baldur’s Gate 3 Twitch drops

To claim the Baldur’s Gate 3 Twitch drops you simply need to watch two hours of a Twitch Drop enabled streamer. The event will be active between  August 3rd, 2023, at 9am PDT/4pm UTC and ending August 17th, 2023, at 9am PDT/4pm UTC. You don’t need to watch the hours all in one sitting.

You can check the progress of your Twitch Drops by clicking on your avatar and selecting “Drops and Rewards”.

What Twitch Drops are available?

You can get your hands on The Chatterbox’s Tabard, Streamhopper Loafers, Periwinkle Undergarments, and the Channeler’s Trunks. They come in an aptly themed purple coloring due to the Twitch tie-in, and boy, are they ugly. However, they are a great way to say, ‘I was there’ for the Baldur’s Gate 3 release.


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