Baldur’s Gate 3 is a few days away from exiting early access on PC after nearly three years, adding the remainder of its story and tons of other new content. One of the lesser-known but still powerful features players possess is Illithid Abilities. These were somewhat limited in the early access version but greatly expanded in the final release.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, you have a skill tree of 25 Illithid Abilities, divided into three branches, and their functions range from psychokinesis and manipulating others (even influencing their dialogue) to becoming a displacer beast to wreak havoc. However, as you embrace that side, your character will become half-Illithid, which the party may not approve of (though they can also partake in the parasites for the same benefits).

While characters can respec their build after meeting a key NPC in the first Act, they can also respec Companions and Origin characters. It allows Astarion to be something other than a Rogue if you want to fill that role instead. It could interfere with their overall stories, though.

“Some of our Origins stories are heavily tied to their classes. A non-cleric Shadowheart or a Wyll without his Warlock Pact will impact the roleplay options in dialogue and story. And while nothing will break, and their stories can still be told, it won’t be the exact story we intend for you to experience,” said Larian.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is out on August 3rd for PC and September 6th for PS5.

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