Armored Core 6’s late game Ice Worm boss is a big guy, absolutely dwarfing the player in a way not dissimilar to old FromSoft bosses like Sekrio’s Great Worm or Dark Souls’ sad sack lava guy punching bag, Ceaseless Discharge. As prolific FromSoft dataminer Zullie the Witch demonstrates though, the Ice Worm puts all those other bosses to shame in terms of sheer size.

As Zullie’s previously shown, Elden Ring and Armored Core 6 not only share the same engine, but scale for their models as well. It’s not like the buildings and cars in AC6 are just really tiny and the mechs are the size of normal guys⁠—if you drop an Armored Core into Elden Ring, it’ll really be 10 meters tall compared to everything else. So when you go one step further and bring Armored Core 6’s biggest guy into a much smaller game, the results are a bit staggering.

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