Armored Core 6: All detailed AC stat and part spec terms, explained

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Already a common feature in many games, the New Game Plus mode has made its way into much of developer FromSoftware’s esteemed catalog. It should come as no surprise, then, that the studio’s newest title, Armored Core 6, follows in the footsteps of previous FromSoftware games with its own New Game Plus feature. Having said that, this particular iteration of New Game Plus introduces a wealth of additions to the base experience that players might not initially anticipate. Read on for a quick rundown of everything that this postgame unlockable provides.

Features added to New Game Plus

As soon as players finish watching the end credits, they can go through the whole game again starting from the first Sortie mission. As expected, from what I have researched, players can tackle this second playthrough using the same mech build you completed your previous run with in addition to every item and upgrade you have obtained so far. The level of difficulty stays the same, but based on what I have seen, New Game Plus should more than make up for this thanks to the addition of new missions to partake in.

During your second playthrough, you will eventually come across three new missions, including a Decision Mission, that will not only provide new gameplay scenarios but also change your story path so you can reach an alternate ending. And once you finish that run, your third playthrough will introduce even more missions to experience, a whopping 14, to be exact. And by going through these missions, players can access yet another hidden ending.

Alongside these features, Armored Core 6’s New Game Plus introduces extra arena battles to try out as well as a new batch of Assembly items. Combined with everything else, these features should more than incentivize players to give the game another go and explore its systems more thoroughly.

Armored Core 6 Multi Lock Missiles New Game Plus

Screenshot by PC Invasion

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