If you’ve picked up any of 2K’s sports games in recent history, you’re likely familiar with their code system. For those out of the loop, they’re one-time free gifts you can redeem by using a specific code in-game. Unfortunately, NBA 2K24 doesn’t have any locker codes, though that remains to be seen.

Why Are There No NBA 2K24 Locker Codes?

The most obvious reason is that NBA 2K24 hasn’t even been released yet. You won’t be able to dribble as your favorite basketball player until Sept. 8, 2023. It’ll be available on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Switch, and Xbox Series X and Series S.

Furthermore, it hasn’t been confirmed if codes will be present in the game. With that said, considering the previous title, as well as 2K’s other sports games, there’s very little reason to believe they won’t make a return.

What Kind of Rewards Could There Be?

Taking 2K’s past sports games into consideration, like WWE 2K23 and NBA 2K23, the most likely rewards would be:

  • MyPlayer apparel
  • XP boosts
  • Player cards
  • Player packs

How to Redeem Locker Codes in NBA 2K24

Again, it hasn’t been confirmed that NBA 2K24 even has codes to begin with, but if there’s a code redemption page, it’ll likely be done through the community hub.

For example, in NBA 2K23 you redeemed locker codes at the home screen of the MyTEAM Community Hub, whereas WWE 2K23 was done through MyFaction. They’re the same thing with a different sports flavor.

With that said and done, that’s all there is to NBA 2K24 locker codes. When we catch wind of new locker codes, we’ll update ASAP, so bookmark this page and check back in when the game releases. While you’re waiting, you can also collect free rewards using our codes list for COD Mobile!

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