Curious about the Arcane Lineage Lunar Walker class? Well, you can find all you need to know about the Neutral Spear Ultra class down below! Please keep in mind that this guide will be updated as and when this class is added to the game. The information down below is based on assumptions regarding the type of class that Lunar Walker is – new weapons, armor, and equipment may be released in the near future!

Arcane Lineage is a unique turn-based Roblox game. Utilise a variety of classes that branch out into more powerful ones and take part in explosive combat. Summon beasts, apply debuffs, support your allies, and come out on top! It’s important to remember that this game is notoriously difficult.

For more information about the game, visit the official Roblox page. We’ve also got an Arcane Lineage classes guide, Arcane Lineage Ultra classes guide, and an Arcane Lineage Dragonclad guide.

Arcane Lineage Lunar Walker Guide

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Lunar Walker Ultra class.

What is the Lunar Walker Class?

The Lunar Walker class is an Neutral Ultra class which can be unlocked by talking to the Ultra Class NPC trainer in Tundra. Lunar Walker players will wield a spear in battle!

Lunar Walker Costs

Passive Abilities for Lunar Walker

Active Abilities for Lunar Walker

Arcane Lineage Lunar Walker Best Build

Let’s take a look at the best builds for the Lunar Walker class.

Best Lunar Walker Weapon

As this class isn’t in the game just yet, it’s a little hard to determine which weapon is the best. However, there are already plenty of spears in Arcane Lineage at the moment, so one of these should do the job! There are a variety of new weapons that will be added to the game in a future update, so you can expect to see a brand-new spear that will work best with the Lunar Walker class!

  • Ferrus Spear
  • Blacksteel Spear
  • Dragonbone Spear

Best Lunar Walker Stats

Lunar Walker is a DPS class, so it’s more than likely that the best stats will be:

Best Lunar Walker Equipment

As mentioned above, the equipment in the list below is based on the assumption that the best stats for the Lunar Walker class will be Strength, Speed, and Endurance. Therefore, the following pieces of equipment may be the best:

  • Precision Equipment
  • Blitz Equipment
  • Empowering Equipment
  • Pinpoint Equipment
  • Haste Equipment

Best Lunar Walker Armor

This section may change once the class is released!

  • Rogue Hunter
  • Traveling Pasmark
  • Shadow Cloak

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