So, you fancy yourself as a member of the Arcane Lineage Blades of the World? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the covenant, including the active and passive abilities you unlock when you join it. I’ve also included details on how to join it, and, perhaps most importantly, how to rank up. What’s more, I’ll update this guide as often as new content drops so it’s always up-to-date.

Arcane Lineage is a hardcore Roblox RPG that doesn’t want you to go it alone. You enter a world – preferably with friends – that wants to destroy you. Pick a class, complete quests, and level up to ensure that you don’t die a horrible death.

You can check out Arcane Lineage on Roblox. I’ve also put together a complete list of Arcane Lineage covenants and a separate guide to the Arcane Lineage Way of Life covenant in case you’re curious.

Arcane Lineage Blades of the World

Blades of the World is a covenant for those that fancy themselves a bit of a mercenary. It provides you with exclusive quests, an absolute metric ton of gold, and increased survivability. While anyone can join this guild and benefit from it, I particularly recommend it to endgame characters that focus on DPS.

Why? Because of that Gilded Strike ability. Out of the two covenants, this is the only ability that boosts your DPS, and you need every bit you can get. It’s also a great option to use as a killer blow, as you gain bonus gold based on how much health your opponent has.

Active Abilities

Now, let’s take a look at the active abilities that you can get by joining the Blades of the World.

  • Gilded Strike: Deal damage to your opponent and gain bonus gold if you defeat them

Passive Abilities

These are the passive abilities that you can unlock by joining the Blades of the World.

  • Initiate Blade: Gain access to exclusive Blades of the World quests
  • Mercenary: Gain 50% more gold from guild quests
  • Avarice: Gain 30% more gold from all sources and a 30% discount on items within the shop
  • Blessing of Survival: Survive a lethal blow at 0.1HP once per combat encounter

Ranks and Gold Count

To increase your rank in Blades of the World, you have to spend gold. Here’s how much gold you need for each rank, and what you unlock for doing so.

  1. 250 Gold
    1. Unlocks Mercenary skill
  2. 250 Gold
  3. 500 Gold
    1. Unlocks Initiate Blade
  4. 500 Gold
  5. 750 Gold
    1. Unlocks first cosmetic
  6. 1,500 Gold
  7. 1,500 Gold
  8. 1,875 Gold
  9. 1,875 Gold
  10. 2,250 Gold
    1. Unlocks Gilded Strike skill
  11. 2,250 Gold
  12. 2,625 Gold
  13. 2,625 Gold
    1. Unlocks second cosmetic
  14. 3,000 Gold
  15. 3,000 Gold
    1. Unlocks Avarice skill
  16. 3,375 Gold
  17. 3,375 Gold
  18. 8,750 Gold
  19. 9,625 Gold
  20. 10,500 Gold
    1. Unlocks Blessing of Survival

Best Ways to Farm Gold

So, you need an absolute ton of gold to fully unlock the Blades of the World covenant and all of its bells and whistles – particularly if you want to achieve the final few ranks. So, you need an effective gold farming method.

Fortunately, as a member of Blades of the World you gain access to an exclusive quest board, which is an incredibly lucrative source of gold. Not only do you gain a ton by turning in a quest, but you will gain gold by defeating monsters and selling items you gather along the way.

Not only that, but you passively gain more gold by joining, and you can increase this further by finishing off foes with Gilded Strike.

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