Apex Legends Will Finally Have Cross Progression(1)

Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is once again allowing players to take their legends with them in Apex Legends. The battle royal already has cross-play that allows players to play with friends no matter the platform. While this was a welcoming addition, we all are hoping this feature can be better with cross-progression. Meaning, if you change platforms, what you’ve done on the original platform will go with you on the next platform. This would be a great feature since players don’t have to grind all over again just to maintain their place. However, this feature has been absent from Apex Legends and players such as myself have been asking for it for a long time. Our prayers have seemed to be answered with new information regarding cross-platform. If you’re like me and have spent hundreds of hours on Apex Legends and don’t want to climb that mountain again, we got all that information for you below. 

Cross-progression may finally come to Apex Legends

It sounds like a fever dream, but it may be a reality. Dataminers have found evidence that cross-progression could finally make its way to Apex Legends. Having cross-progression in a game that has players consistently leveling up makes perfect sense. Apex Legends has had its issues with being a live-service game, but cross-progression missing has been one of the biggest complaints for players. Games that feature cross-play usually have cross-progression so you can easily migrate your account over. This is a real head-scratcher for Respawn. 

According to the Data Miner HyperMyst who stumbled upon this leak back in June, it looks like this feature could drop anytime soon since he could not find a release date. However, note that nothing is set in stone as Respawn has yet to confirm this leak. 

With cross-progression on the horizon, you can potentially bring over your Weapon Mastery and level up quickly. Also, read our guide on if Weapon Mastery resets each season. You may save yourself from a painful heartache.

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