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The changes and added elements in Apex Legends never seem to end. That makes sense with the game being a service. For each season introduced, Apex Legend has a bunch of things that are altered such as new maps or reworked heroes like Revenant in Season 18. But more importantly, a new legend that often changes (breaks) the meta of Apex Legends. For the upcoming 19th Season, this is the same. We’re getting a 25th legend who goes by Conduit. While we don’t know much about this character, we have some information that has weight to it. Follow along below for the juicy details on the new legend.

Apex Legends: New legend leaked by streamer

Thanks to Apex Legends streamer “bobz” there may be some leaks regarding Conduit’s abilities and ultimate. He went as far as to find out what the character’s abilities and ultimate are. However, this is pre-launch, so things may change when the Conduit is announced in the 19th Season of Apex Legends. But for now, the information below is speculative. 

Passive: She can run quickly which is reminiscent of Bangalore’s Doube Time Passive. Her speed is around 30 to 40 percent faster. This helps her catch up with her teammates. However, once she’s close to the group, the buff goes away. It’ll be interesting seeing Conduit play with characters like Bangalore and how they can bail quicker than other legends.

Tactical: Her Passive and Tactical can work in tandem with each other. The Tactical seems to replenish shields in the group by one bar. According to bobz, she may be able to charge up shields more than once. This only works when Conduit is close to the team, so with her Passive triggering, if she’s far away, she can run back to the team and quickly shield up everyone.

Ultimate: This one is interesting because it acts somewhat like Wattson Fences. She has batteries around six or eight that she places on the ground. They look like they can stop enemies and even stun or damage them. On top of that, don’t bother shooting them, for the time being, they seem to be invincible

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About Conduit

She plays a lot like Lifeline but with a shield instead of health. Rather than a robot healing you, she’ll give out sheild charges. Having her and a Lifeline in a party can be an interesting group makeup because they can work with each other. One can heal, and the other can bring up shields. According to the leaks, she has a bubbly personality that might make her a favorite because of that. 

As mentioned, take this information with a grain of salt, it may be changed closer to her announcement. When that happens, we’ll have all that information for you here in one spot.  

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Apex Legends is free to play via Steam.

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