What are the Anime Champions Simulator Raids? Find out here in this guide which covers everything you need to know on the raids! Here we will outline the perks of joining raids, the rewards, and how the raids actually work.

Anime Champions Simulator is a Roblox game developed by the creator behind the ever-popular Anime Fighters Simulator. Explore the galaxy as you collect and meet familiar faces! Obtain a wide range of Champions for your arsenal, as well as a variety of Quirks that you can utilize during exciting combat.

For more information about Anime Champions Simulator, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We also have an Anime Champions Simulator Quirks and an Anime Champions Simulator Golden Spirit guide! Looking for new Roblox games to play? Take a look at our Haze Piece Gear 4 guide.

Anime Champions Simulator Raids

Ready… RAID!

What Is A Raid

Raids are a unique game mode within Anime Champions Simulator that tasks you with an arcade-style onslaught of enemies to knock down with your champions. It’s a good test of skill to see how powerful your current roster of champions are, as well as great for generating rewards that are otherwise hard to obtain when simply progressing the islands.

How To Raid

Raids are located in Champion City, which becomes available once you have completed the first Island and paid the 2 Million sum to restore the teleporter. Raids however are only accessible to players who have made it to the Ninja Village world and higher. When entering a raid you will be faced with a few options which are:

  • Choose a world to play (From the current 7 available islands. But only those you have previously visited).
  • Select a raid difficulty (easy, medium, hard).

Once you enter the raid you’ll notice some slight changes to the world from the original. Here you will need to defeat a certain number of enemies and face 2 bosses. A mini-boss who will grant you an extra chest. As well as finally the main boss who will grant you 2 chests (a daily chest and a golden chest).

Raid Rewards

Raids generate medal rewards alongside the chests you can earn. Chests of course contain valuable loot such as coins and diamonds. With diamonds being hard to farm, it’s definitely worthwhile getting stuck into raids!

One of the rarest and most rewarding drops is the elusive skins. These have a 1/200 chance of being dropped during a raid and carry buffs and attributes for your champions.

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