The Amazon Prime Fallout TV series has received yet another teaser to keep the hype train going, depicting the famous Vault Boy in the picturesque scenery of Los Angeles. But if we know anything about the games, not everything is as it seems, where even the most breathtaking places could all crumble down.

Based on the franchise’s history, it’s no surprise to see southern California as the show’s primary location. The TV series will likely follow the old-timey style the series is known for, mixed with the modernistic side of the dystopian future.

Previous teasers have given us some better insight into the Amazon Prime original, with one of the first ones released back in 2020 as an official announcement. It is there we learned about Kilter Films’ involvement with the show, in which Jonathan Nolan (Interstellar, The Dark Knight, and the Prestige) and Lisa Joy (Westworld, Burn Notice, and Pushing Daises) were revealed to be the showrunners. Jonathan will also assume the role as the show’s director, specifically with the debut episode.

Several cast members have been confirmed, including Walton Goggins (Justified and The Hateful Eight) and Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets and Arcane) as the lead roles. It isn’t entirely clear which characters they will play in the series, but they could potentially be the heroic survivalists who try to make it through the apocalyptic lands.

Aside from the artwork of the Vault Boy, we did get a sneak peek of a mysterious individual standing at the vault. You can also behold the distinct blue and yellow-colored suits of the series that many Fallout fans will undoubtedly recognize.

There will certainly be more teasers and reveals for the TV show in the coming months, especially since Fallout will be celebrating its anniversary on Oct. 25. We’ll just have to see what comes next for the beloved franchise, and maybe we could anticipate an Amazon Starfield project soon to continue on Bethesda’s reign.

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