Genshin Impact characters are divided into seven different elements, with different elements reacting with each other to create unique reactions and damage dealing scenarios. One of the strongest elements, and surely the most ferocious, is the “Pyro” element, which is all about setting fires and letting them burn. Pyro gives way to some of the strongest reactions in the game, such as Vaporize or Melt, and Pyro characters are home to some of the strongest characters in the game.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at all of the Pyro characters released in Genshin Impact thus far. Here’s our ranking of all the Pyro characters in Genshin Impact.


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For those surprised to see Xinyan here and not Amber, Xinyan truly is one of those characters that do not shine much in any regard. Xinyan’s current strongest build is as a Physical DPS with high constellations, and while this build is definitely strong enough to clear all of the content in the game, she still trails far behind some of her competitors.

Whether she’s fighting to be your main DPS with a Physical or Pyro focus, or as a support as a Pyro shielder, there isn’t any character in the game that Xinyan would not be a downgrade over. It’s highly recommended to only build Xinyan if you are a fan of her character, because admittedly, her entire vibe is rock and roll and it is still insanely cool.


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Thankfully, Amber is not the worst Pyro character in the game. And despite her reputation, she is not even the worst character in the game, especially when you’re able to obtain some of her elusive constellations. Amber is one of the only characters in the game that all players will get for free, as you unlock her playing through Genshin Impact’s story. And while her reputation as an awful character is unbreakable at this point, Amber can dish out a surprising amount of damage with her Baron Bunnies.

But she can shine farther than her Baron Bunnies go. Her Elemental Burst is actually a strong method to get a ton of Pyro application inflicted on enemies, and fast, and Amber has shown to be a strong teammate for some of the strongest characters in the game, notably Hu Tao. While we aren’t gassing Amber up to be an elite character by any means, she’s certainly stronger than community sentiment would lead you to believe. And if you really want to make Amber work, there’s nothing standing in your way.


Genshin Impact Yanfei Guide Weapons Artifacts Talents 1a
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Yanfei is a 4-star Pyro DPS character, and she’s a budget version of some stronger counterparts who have a similar playstyle, such as Hu Tao or Yoimiya. Yanfei has the same goal as her 5-star competitors. She’s an on-field Pyro DPS who is able to consistently apply the Pyro element on reaction, which allows her to take advantage of elemental reactions such as Vaporize or Melt.

Simply put, Yanfei can dish out a lot of damage and work as your main DPS, but she’s a more budget-friendly version of characters who easily outshine her. She works for free-to-play players, but if you have the means for a stronger character in place of her, you might not want to build Yanfei.


Genshin Impact Thoma Guide Thoma Best Weapon Artifact Talents Build 1a
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Thoma is one of many characters who were given a new breath of life since the release of Dendro. Thoma is a Pyro shielder and was unfortunately one of the weaker shielders in the game, his main strength only really unlocking when you hit his sixth constellation. However, thanks to Dendro, Thoma became one of the best units for any comp reliant on the “Burning” reaction.

However, Thoma pales in comparison to other supports outside of Dendro teams. While Thoma is a very strong unit in a niche scenario, he only really thrives in his niche. That being said, he’s still a capable support, but you might better options elsewhere.


Dehya Weapons 1
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Dehya was a controversial unit when she was released, and is unfortunately regarded as one of the worst 5-star characters in the game. Dehya was mysteriously added to the Standard Banner, one of the only 5-star characters since the release of the game to do so.

Dehya is certainly not a weak character, but her damage and utility unfortunately pales in comparison to some of her other Pyro competitors. Her defensive utility is not as fail-proof as other defense-oriented characters in the game, and her damage is not as competitive as you might think. Dehya is underwhelming as a 5-star character, but you can still make her work.


Genshin Impact Klee Guide Weapons Artifacts Talents Build 1
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Sadly, Klee has fallen off the game’s meta, and is no longer one of the strongest Pyro characters in the game. While Klee’s damage can certainly be as explosive, she has a difficult playstyle as she is extremely squishy and prone to enemy crowd control. She also requires you to learn about different animation cancels to best take advantage of her damage.

Even with this in mind, Klee unfortunately deals less damage than the likes of more recent 5-star characters.


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Diluc is a 5-star character available in the Standard Banner and is certainly one of the coolest characters in the game. As a character available since launch, a bit of power creep was inevitable, as Diluc was one of the original hypercarries of the game. He’s not a bad character by any means, but he might not be as strong as more recent Pyro options.


Genshin Impact Naku Weed Farming Locations Guide Yoimiya Ascension Guide Feat
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Yoimiya is a strong 5-star Pyro DPS character. Similar to Dehya, Yoimiya initially released with a bit of scrutiny, as she was perceived to be a bit weaker than some of her other counter parts. This has proven to be somewhat untrue, especially as Yoimiya received more supports in the form of Xingqiu and Yelan.

Yoimiya’s main weakness is her tendency to get interrupted mid-attacks. She is a DPS character focused on dealing Normal Attack DMG infused with Pyro, but without a strong shielder like Zhongli, Yoimiya tends to require good dodging skills to avoid getting knocked around. She is also focused on single-target damage, making her a bit weaker in scenarios where she has to defeat multiple enemies as opposed to a singular boss.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao Genshin Impact Team Comps
Screenshot: HoYoverse

Hu Tao is a strong hyper carry who has a similar game plan to Yoimiya. Hu Tao infuses her Normal Attacks and Charged Attacks with Pyro energy, allowing all of her hits to deal Pyro damage. Her damage tends to be higher than Yoimiya overall, but Hu Tao is more challenging to play, as you may need to learn animation cancels to maximize her damage.

Hu Tao has similar team comps to Yoimiya, and the general idea is that Yoimiya is an easier and more comfortable character to play, while Hu Tao has a higher execution ceiling.


(94) Character Demo Lyney Secret Inside The Hat Genshin Impact Youtube 0 22
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Lyney is a new 5-star character from Fontaine, and he deals some insane damage using his Charged Attacks. Lyney is best in mono-Pyro teams, as his fourth ascension passive allows him to deal higher damage based on the Pyro characters in his team. With this passive, team building with Lyney is somewhat limited, but he can dish out some of the most damage in the game.


Genshin Impact Xiangling Guide Best Weapons Artifacts Feat
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Xiangling is infamous in the Genshin Impact community for being one of the strongest characters in the game, period. Her infamy doesn’t come in her strength, however. It comes from the fact that Xiangling is a 4-star character, who logically should be weaker than her 5-star counterparts.

However, this doesn’t apply to Xiangling, who deals insane damage with her Pyronado, whilst also dishing out tons of Pyro application. Xiangling’s only weakness his her high Burst cost, which is easily managed by strong free-to-play Polearms, and a teammate who is commonly paired with her who can funnel energy into her Elemental Burst. Speaking of which…


Genshin Impact Bennett Hangout Event Endings Choices Guide 3b
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If you are a fan of Genshin Impact, you were likely expecting this character to be at the top of this list. Bennett is an insane character and often described by the community as a “mistake,” as there’s no reason Bennett should provide the amount of benefits he does. Bennett is an amazing healer, deals high damage with his Elemental Burst, can generate tons of Pyro energy, and most importantly, buffs the Attack of his teammates by an astronomical degree.

Did we mention that Bennett is only a 4-star character? Bennett has comically been one of the strongest supports in the game since the start of the game, and there’s no signs his status at the top will be dethroned anytime soon. He is undoubtedly one of the best Pyro characters in Genshin Impact.

Those were all of the Pyro characters in Genshin Impact ranked. Genshin Impact is now available on PC, mobile, and console platforms. Download the game from its official website. Check out more Genshin Impact guides from our guides and features hub.

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