Endless Dungeon is an expansive tower dungeon-esque roguelike game and a follow-up to the much beloved Dungeon of the Endless. This strategic game also poses a number of heroes for you to unlock and progress through the game with. These characters all have a unique niche, with some providing defensive assistance while other characters dish out some heavy damage. Regardless, each one feels unique and different, and you’ll want to learn about any potential character you want to rush and unlock. Here are all of the characters in Endless Dungeon.

All characters in Endless Dungeon

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  • Zed: Zed is a high-damage killing machine hell-bent on saving her allies. She’s a fairly simple character, dealing high damage to enemies, but she can also use her ultimate to debuff enemies and buff your allies. More importantly, Zed can also buff herself after defeating an enemy by temporarily increasing her damage when she defeats an enemy. She is of the Damage class.
  • Bunker: Bunker is a Tank class character that can greatly help your allies by taunting enemies and bringing attention away from your team. She can stun enemies and turn invulnerable, giving her tons of defensive prowess. She can also dish out some damage, with her damage output increasing the more damage she sustains.
  • Blaze: Blaze is a Zone Control or AoE Damage class character with the fun ability to stabilize an area by putting down mines, which explode whenever an enemy comes across them. He also has high crit chance and can shoot deadly rockets at the enemies. If you enjoy the kind of character that throws bombs and takes names, we highly recommend using Blaze.
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Image: SEGA
  • Shroom: Shroom is a Support / Healer class character and one of the only medics in the game. Healing is a valuable asset in this game, making Shroom a desirable pick if you want to keep your team alive. Shroom’s heals are pretty significant too, as she can heal and protect her allies in numerous ways.
  • Comrade: Comrade is slow, squishy, but a great DPS / Support class character. Comrade is quite the funny character, building turrets which is already valuable. Comrade can also turn into a turret, blasting enemies down. More importantly, Comrade can repair resource generators, making him very important to unlock.
  • Fassie: Fassie is a Support character who boosts the attacks of allies. He can also cause monsters to attack each other, as well as gain Wit for every monster in the room. Fassie is best used in scenarios where monsters swarm your run, giving you a great bout of relief as the monsters turn on each other without abandon.
  • Sweeper: Sweeper is a Technician / Crowd Control class character that is notable for their ability to slow down enemies to a pulp. Not only that, but they can knock enemies in another direction as well, making Sweeper one of the best classes for a crowd-control esque playstyle.
  • Cartie: Cartie is a Support character that can deal damage and buff bots. Cartie is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to dealing damage, but don’t worry. Cartie still has the niche of being able to buff the Bot whenever its in the same room as you.

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