A featured spot on the Google Play Store and the App Store in 130 regions is pretty much the dream start for a newly launched mobile game. 

Idle Survivors: Last Stand, from publisher Max Game, is one of the few debut mobile games to have achieved this kind of love from the store editors who decide which titles to celebrate, and it’s not hard to see why. 

From its polished cartoon 3D visuals to its innovative vehicle system, Idle Survivors: Last Stand has all the hallmarks of a top tier Idle RPG, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it develops over the coming months and years.

Here’s everything you need to know about Idle Survivors: Last Stand before taking the plunge for yourself. 


Storywise, Idle Survivors: Last Stand goes big. 

Not only has a viral plague wiped out most of humanity and given rise to an army of deadly bio-monsters, but it turns out that this plague is part of an alien race’s plan to take over the world. 

It’s your task, as an outstanding commander, to lead the remaining human survivors in a battle to defeat the bio-monsters, destroy the virus, and defend the earth from Aliens. 

Good luck with that.

Building a Hero Team

Building a team in Idle Survivors: Last Stand is a doddle. There are five factions to choose from and six different jobs. 

Because Idle Survivors: Last Stand is an idle game, you can obtain resources and upgrade your heroes easily even while you’re offline and AFK. 

Plus, resetting heroes lets you retrieve all the resources you invested in them and you can share levels via the Resonance Center, allowing you to make progress quickly and experiment with different team configurations. 

Vehicle System

One of Idle Survivors: Last Stand’s unique selling points is its vehicle system, which lets you obtain five different types of vehicle to take into battle.

They include Armed Jeeps, Cruiser Tanks, Hover Vehicles, and even Iron Mechas. Between them they boast an arsenal of deadly weapons, including lasers, cannons, bombs, missiles, and more. 

But it’s not all business for these terrifying machines. Not only can you unlock new vehicles but you can also unlock unique skins for the Iron Mecha with which to customise them in a variety of different styles.

Game Modes

Idle Survivors: Last Stand boasts a vast array of different single player and multiplayer modes and minigames. 

Beyond the single player stages there are random city events such as eyesight tests, memory training, sniper, and so on, all designed to sprinkle a bit of light relief and variety into the main campaign. 

PvE-wise, there are roguelike stages, various dungeons, and a mode called Heroes Journey, while PvP modes include 1v1 shootouts, 3v3 battles, and even a cross server arena. 


There are five factions in Idle Survivors: Last Stand: Bounty Association, City Alliance, Empire Legion, Awakener, and Reconstructor.

The game’s heroes each belong to one of these factions, and they all have their own unique personalities, backgrounds, and battlefield abilities. 

Some of our favorites include Justice Angel, a hero armed with both Angelic Power and a huge sword; Firefox Rider, a motorbike-riding outsider with the ears of a fox; and, of course, Imperial Captain, the brave young commander at the heart of the campaign. 


Max Game has thrown just as much into the monsters as it has into the heroes in Idle Survivors: Last Stand. 

During your adventures you’ll come across the fearsome Titan, a biomechanically modified living weapon; the Devouring Megamouth, a deadly carnivorous plant; and the Parasitic Lord, a serially mutated entity that transforms into a bio-monster.

There are cuter monsters as well though, such as the Workers – alongside characters like the Crazy Parasitic Hound, the Axe Executioner, the Giant Brain Chief, the Mutant Tyrant, and more. All of them are unique, colorfully designed, and wonderful to look at.

Newbie-Friendly Perks

The final thing you need to know about Idle Survivors: Last Stand is that there’s a ton of offers on the table right now for new players. 

They include Talents Summon Tickets, S and SS Heroes, and a 1200 Draw Gift Box, all available through a generous 7-day login event. 

There’s a special Interstellar Visitor avatar on offer for completing the tutorial, too, along with a War Ceremony event that sees you completing quests to claim SS hero Outlaw Arrow for free. 

Finally, Max Game has created a key that allows you to claim a bunch of goodies. Enter the code SLAYALIENS and you’ll get Talents Summon Tickets, Diamonds, Banknotes, and a ton of other gifts for a smooth start. 

Download Idle Survivors: Last Stand for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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