The world of My Hero Academia is full of individuals who possess unique Quirks, from classic elemental powers to crazy shapeshifting abilities; the My Hero universe has them all.

Naturally, certain Quirks just so happen to gift their users with much darker and scarier powers than the average ability. To celebrate Halloween, we’ve rounded up ten of the most frightening Quirks in the My Hero Academia Universe; Plus Ultra, spooky edition!

Moonfish – Blade-Tooth

Moonfish in BNHA
Image Source: Studio Bones

Standing out as one of the most horrifying Quirks in the My Hero universe is Blade-Tooth, the Quirk inhabited by the Villain Moonfish. Just as the Quirk name suggests, it enables the user to grow and reshape their teeth into sharp blades.

As if this power isn’t terrifying enough, the character of Moonfish amplifies the fear factor significantly, with his body wrapped up in a straight jacket and a fierce, sinister personality to match. Despite his limbs being confined, Moonfish’s mastery over his Quirk enables him to use his teeth blades as extra limbs, enabling him with mobility and the opportunity to strike opponents from a distance.

Hitoshi Shinso – Brainwashing

Shinso in My Hero Academia
Image Source: Studio Bones

While Hitoshi Shinso is no Villain himself, his Quirk is still one of the spookiest powers held by a student at UA. Much as the Quirk name suggests, Brainwashing enables Shinso to control the minds and actions of those who verbally respond to something he says whilst his Quirk is active. As those under the influence of his Quirk are forced to obey the commands he gives them, Shinso effectively has the power to turn people into mindless zombies. It sure is a good thing he’s aligned with the Heroes, or else who knows what kind of powerful armies his Quirk would be able to produce? 

Reiko Yanagi – Poltergeist

Yanagi in BNHA
Image Source: Studio Bones

Reiko Yanagi is a member of Class 1-Bpossessing the Quirk known as Poltergeist. In true horror fashion, Yanagi’s Quirk reflects the ability of the common entity type known as the Poltergeist, enabling her to telekinetically manipulate and move objects, as well as people in close proximity to those objects.

Yanagi is known to have excellent precision and control with her Quirk, too, hurling large flurries of objects at her enemies like a malevolent spirit from the conjuring. While she’s a friendly face in the anime, she has a strong spook-factor and is a massive horror fan, so it’s safe to say Spooktober would be her time to shine.

Shihai Kuroiro – Black

Kuroiro in BNHA
Image Source: Studio Bones

Another spooky member of Class 1-B, Shihai Kuroira is the wielder of a Quirk known as Black, enabling him to merge his body with anything that is dark colored or obscured by heavy shadows, moving through these objects freely.

Kuroiro has a spooky element to him with his appearance, strongly resembling a shadow figure and carrying a Cheshire-like smirk wherever he goes. I mean, c’mon; Kuroiro is about as Halloween as it gets when it comes to My Hero Academia. If he showed up in a haunted house, I’d most certainly mistake him for an evil entity.

Himiko Toga – Transform

Toga from My Hero Academia
Image Source: Studio Bones

Himiko Toga is the closest thing My Hero Academia has to a vampire, with her iconic Transform Quirk. Transform allows Toga to shapeshift into a physical clone of any person whose blood she consumes, with this disguise lasting longer depending on how much blood she has ingested from her target.

Complete with her villainous role in the story and her iconic fang-like pointed teeth, it’s hard not to see Toga making the perfect candidate for My Hero Academia’s designated vampire girl. I’m certain she’d celebrate Halloween in style, but the real question is; would she be snacking on candy, or the blood of some poor unfortunate soul?

Killer Stain – Bloodcurdle

Stain from My Hero Academia
Image Source: Studio Bones

Another Quirk involving Blood is Killer Stain’s terrifying Bloodcurdle. Much like Toga, Stain must consume the blood of a target to activate the effects of his Quirk, which will fully paralyze the individual whose blood he ingested. While targets are paralyzed, they’re unable to use their abilities to escape, which is why Stain is such a powerful and fearsome individual.

Plus, Stain’s entire personality is horror-worthy in itself, with him carrying a very cold and merciless approach to his philosophy. His villain outfit even looks a bit like a Halloween dress-up with the various bandages and tattered clothing, fully completing his creepy serial killer vibes.

Thirteen – Black Hole

Image Source: Studio Bones

Anan Kurose, otherwise known as the Space Hero: Thirteen, is one of the most notable Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia, working at UA High as a friendly staff member who helps educate Deku and his friends. Thirteen’s Quirk, Black Hole, is exactly how it sounds; she can replicate the effects of a black hole from her hands, with anything that is sucked into the black hole disintegrating for good.

Even though Thirteen is a friendly individual, it’s a huge relief that she is a Pro Hero, rather than a villain, because her Quirk has the terrifying potential to cause mass destruction. Just imagine what would happen if she joined the League of Villains — she would undoubtedly be one of the most potent threats on their team of criminals and sinister villains. The idea of Thirteen teaming up with the likes of Shigaraki, who also has a quirk capable of disintegrating objects and people, is horrifying. Thankfully, the closest she gets to being fearsome is her Halloween-worthy Hero costume.

Kai Chisaki – Overhaul

Overhaul from My Hero Academia
Image Source: Studio Bones

Overhaul made an impact on My Hero fans as the big bad villain of the Shie Hissaikai Arc, where he became well-known for his mistreatment of Eri, plus the designing and smuggling of Quirk-erasing bullets. Overhaul’s Quirk, which shares the same title as his villain name, enables him to disassemble anything that he touches, and optionally reassemble it as he wishes. As you may have guessed, yup; this does include people.

Overhaul’s Quirk was notably powerful from the first time it was displayed to fans, and a frightening concept to ponder. However, it wasn’t until his final fight with Deku, that the true horror of his abilities was revealed. During this fight, Overhaul disassembled the body of one of his allies, fusing it to himself to enhance his powers and give him a monstrous form, appearing somewhat of an amalgamation of flesh and body parts. Now that’s exactly what nightmares are made of.

Tomura Shigaraki – Decay

Shigaraki from My Hero Academia
Image Source: Studio Bones

Tomura Shigaraki’s Quirk is equally terrifying and tragic, with the effects of Decay enabling him to destroy anything he touches with all five fingers. Upon doing so, the target, no matter if it is a physical object or a living person, will immediately begin to turn to dust, ceasing to exist. Unfortunately for Shigaraki, how he discovered his Quirk was horrific, involving the accidental murder of his parents.

There are few Quirks as unnerving as Decay, especially with Shigaraki’s role as a villain. I imagine most big-name horror franchise killers would be entirely jealous at how easy it is for Shigaraki to execute his victims; especially with the possibility to do so stealthily and discreetly. There’s no denying it, edge-lord Shigaraki is undoubtedly spooktacular.

All For One – All For One

All For One in the My Hero Academia anime
Image Source: Studio Bones

Of course, this list wouldn’t be completed without All Might’s nemesis, All For One. While his Quirk isn’t all that spooky compared to some others on the list, it’s what his Quirk enables him to do that is truly terrifying. All For One uses his Quirk of the same name to steal the powers of other individuals, rendering them Quirkless, and adding to his abilities, stockpiling many different powers that he can use at will, and transferring them to others involved in his villainous plan.

As the most powerful villain in the series, the All For One Quirk is terrifying. In the worst case scenario, it can result in the theft of the Quirks held by some of the best Pro Heroes, which both adds to his power and takes away from the protection of civilians by leaving these Heroes powerless. Keeping this in mind, All For One’s Quirk gives him a significant upper plan in achieving world domination, and is the only thing that has allowed him to get to where he is, making the power perhaps the most frightening in the entire My Hero universe.

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