Pokemon are often rather interesting little creatures with various Pokedex entries to offer extra insights into a their quirks, lore, and abilities.

It may come as a surprise, but many cute and cuddly looking ‘Mons have much darker or more dangerous Pokedex entries than you’d have ever imagined, and we’ve caught ten of ’em!


Mawile in the Pokemon anime
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Mawile may look like a nice little friend, with a face that screams cute and harmless. Don’t let this fool you though; Mawile has a set of giant, Venus flytrap-shaped steel jaws in the style of a ponytail, making it very dangerous. Mawile also uses its docile face to its advantage, luring people in and fooling them into letting down their guard before using these jaws to strike with devastating force.

Pet cats get a bad rep for dishing out some pretty brutal bites and scratches when provoked, but I’m sure that would be absolutely nothing in comparison to an angry pet Mawile. Yikes!


Stufful in the Pokemon anime
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Stufful looks like a cross between a red panda and an adorable little teddy bear, which gives it an overwhelmingly lovable appearance. However, Trainers Bewear; this Pokemon is not one you should make an effort to cuddle!

Despite Stufful having an adorable (and rather harmless) appearance, this Fighting Type ‘Mon’s Pokedex entry states that when it gets angry or is touched by anyone other than a trusted friend, it flails its arms and legs around with enough force to snap tree trunks clean in half. Just imagine if your limbs got in the way of one of Stufful’s temper tantrums…yeah, it’s a no from me.


Shuppet in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Sure, Shuppet may be a spooky little Ghost Type, but it’s not all that scary by appearance. It just looks like a friendly little puppet, the Casper of the Pokemon world, if you will. However, just as many others on this list Shuppet isn’t as sweet and harmless as it seems on the surface. In fact, this little ghostie is attracted to feelings of vengeance and jealousy, meaning it’s naturally drawn to negative, vindictive people.

In true paranormal entity fashion, Shuppet feeds on the negative emotions of other Pokemon and Trainers, which it converts into power. If you see a horde of Shuppets gathering around one place, then it’s a major red flag; either someone or something in the area is attracting these ‘Mons with overwhelming negative energy, so I wouldn’t stick around for too long!


Drifloon in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Drifloon may look like a silly little balloon pal, but unfortunately, the nature of this Pokemon is much more sinister. Despite having quite a cute appearance, Drifloon has been noted in its Pokedex entries to tug on the hands of children, attempting to steal them away to the afterlife. Hide your kids, everyone!

No, seriously, that’s horrifying information, especially because young children are generally drawn to bright and colorful objects such as balloons. Thankfully, because Drifloon is relatively small, it usually finds itself being tugged around rather than kidnapping youngsters as it intends. Still, I’d hate to know how many victims the Drifloon species collectively has stacked up. Oh, and to keep things spooky, if Drifloon’s balloon-like body bursts, its soul will spill out with a horrifying scream — never would have I assumed that a balloon could be such nightmare fuel.


Absol in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Absol may look like just another cute fox/cat/dog-like creature to any unassuming Trainer, but there is a rather tragic and frightening story told through the ‘Dex entries of this poor Dark Type. Absol’s horn has the unique power to sense and foretell natural disasters, with a devastating event occurring each time Absol makes an appearance in a certain location. Because of this, Absol earned itself the title of ‘the Disaster Pokemon’, and was witch-hunted, causing it to flee deep into the mountains.

Absol still returns from its home terrain to warn people of natural disasters that are to come. It’s not exactly Absol itself that is so frightening, but more the feeling of impending doom that can be stirred by catching a glimpse of one out of habitat — I can’t imagine the gnawing dread of knowing something big and dangerous is about to be stirred up by nature.


Frosslass in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Froslass may look like just an average Ice Type Pokemon, or perhaps more elegant and alluring than others if anything. However, Froslass says otherwise, with this Pokemon being much more intimidating than what you may assume at first glance. You see, Froslass’ background involves a woman who met her end on a snowy mountain, with this ‘Mon being created from the will of her regrets at passing.

Froslass is said to relish on the souls of men and is known for targeting hikers on snowy mountains. Froslass prefers to freeze its prey, before bringing it back to its den, where it will line them up in an orderly fashion. There are also ancient legends about Froslass placing curses on men, as mentioned in Pokemon Legends: Areceus, so all around this ‘Mon is more of a hazard than anything. Froslass is the soulless ice queen of the Pokemon world, that’s for sure.


Zorua in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

It’s a pretty well-known fact that the little Dark Type fox Pokemon, Zorua, is a huge trickster, known for shapeshifting into other Pokemon. However, Zorua’s Pokedex entries state that it also commonly transforms itself into a silent child to blend in among humans and steal food.

However, Zorua’s ‘Dex entry in Ultra Moon takes things a step into more ominous territory. This entry states that if a normally talkative child stops talking, it’s likely been replaced with Zorua. Um…excuse me? What happens to the real child? Do I even want to know? Does Zorua harm them and then steal their identity? Are they smuggled away with the rest of Zorua’s stolen goods? Or are there simply just two clones of the same kid walking about? Either way, the situation would be incredibly mysterious and downright creepy to consider.


Espurr in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Espurr has a cute little face, but this Psychic type is a lot more intimidating than it seems. Espurr may for the most part have a rather blank and neutral expression, however within its mind is an immense struggle to control its devastating force.

Espurr wields psychic powers, however, it lacks control over these abilities, which can make this ‘Mon wildly dangerous and unpredictable. To avoid these circumstances, Espurr usually keeps its ears folded down, but when they are up, this little fluffball is capable of blasting everything within 300 feet of itself. Now that’s some seriously freaky power! I wouldn’t want to get this little guy angry, it’s giving me slight Carrie vibes.


Hatterene in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Haterrene has rather soft colors and seemingly delicate features that make it rather admirable, but this Pokemon is capable of absolutely brutal things. Hatterene hates loud noises, and if someone were to be too loud around this Psychic/Fairy Dual-Type, then they’d risk being torn apart by the claws on its tentacle, which sounds rather gruesome. This Pokemon takes being an introvert to the next level.

Haterrene has made a name for itself as the Forest Witch, which makes this Pokemon significantly spookier. In Pokemon Violet, Haterenne’s ‘Dex entry states that Trainers should beware of forests that show no signs of living creatures, as this may be Haterenne’s territory. Keeping this in mind, it seems that the creature is some sort of pastel Blair Witch when it comes to the Pokemon World.


Sneasel in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Sneasels are notorious for having an extremely vicious nature, which can be a deadly force when paired with their sharp, blade-like claws. Though it’s an intriguing and mysterious Pokemon, Sneasel is quite terrifying, known to hide in darkness and wait to strike its prey. What even is this little guy, some mini Jack the Ripper?

Sneasel is also frequently known for driving wild Pidgey away from their homes through sheer violence, feasting on the eggs that are left behind. In other words, Sneasel chases families of bird Pokemon from their nest and consumes their unborn children for a fun little snack — talk about brutal!

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