It’s a new week and we have a fun list poised to make you laugh out loud or smile at the very least. So read on and have some laughs with these curated memes that have people popping off.

Recently, Luffy from One Piece has been showing off his new 5th Gear power-up. It’s so huge that fans are literally seeing this talked about everywhere, and this meme demonstrates just that. The hype doesn’t seem to be slowing down and will be huge news the rest of the year as the new movie drops and the Wano arc comes to a close!

For anyone who wants to learn how NOT to introduce themselves, take it from Kira here and his straightforward yet dark and intense vibe. It’s a no-no for sure, just ask Naomi Misora.

When it comes to the Naruto anime, being Hokage should never be taken lightly. As much as Shikimaru deserved it, he recently became the 8th Hokage after the recent tragedy that befell the 7th Hokage Naruto himself. It’s been a rough week for Naruto fans, and although fans note that Shikimaru is not considered to be strong in combat, he is intelligent and strategic.

There’s no arguing that Rurouni Kenshin is one the greatest anime series ever, and part of its attraction comes from its historical fiction spin on the Meiji era around 1878. To some extent, the same goes for other samurai anime greats like Samurai Champloo, and the others in this meme. There are plenty of liberties taken with the fighting styles and fantasy elements in this anime, but one thing that cannot be ignored is how none of the samurais have the actual real hair style from the time!

Throwing in a mix of video games with Final Fantasy VII and developer Square Enix, here’s a funny meme that pokes fun at PC master race fanatics and gamers who care only about graphical power.

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Following up with another gaming meme, here’s a funny piece that some (or many?) gamers can relate to.

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For fans of My Hero Academia aka Boku No Hero, here’s a fun way to picture variations of the most powerful super hero of them all, All Might. Also, it’s a great way to diversify the anime cast with a bunch of smiling characters.

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Who does that?!

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We all have that relative that does their best haha! But hey, they might not know what’s up, but at least their intention is good!

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No matter what a game developer does, they’ll never be able to please everyone, unfortunately.

Those are our 10 anime memes of the week to help give you all a quick pick-me-up for the week ahead, so make sure to share this list with all your friends. If you want to dive deep into some anime discussions, check out our article about 3D anime titles that fell flat, and stay tuned to Twinfinite for more anime hilarity!

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