It’s Monday. Life is overwhelming. Every day feels the same as the last, and you find yourself floating along on the wave of life, barely able to thrive because all you’re focused on is trying to survive. Desperately, you could use any kind of pick-me-up; anything to boost your mood and distract you from the existential dread you find yourself faced with on a regular basis.

Sometimes, a good laugh is what you need when the stress of Monday has kicked you to the ground so hard that your only other option is a 30-minute cry in the shower. So let’s do that, and turn some of those tears into cheers. Here are 10 video game memes that hopefully make your Monday a little brighter:

Oh come on, wasn’t I just trying to distract everyone from this?:

Around these parts, gaming is alive and well…but include Pikmin 4 next time, cowards:

Link running around in his undies comes to mind. Also, what a good floof:

Oooooh…yikes…let’s, uhh, move past this one:

People helping people. Everyone’s a winner in this scenario:

Oof. But shoutout to Baldur’s Gate 3, at least…:

I mean, they’re kinda spittin’. Polygonal graphics rule over all:

Don’t act like it hasn’t happened at least once before *eye twitches*:

Shoutout to all my fellow fun-havers! And hey, if sweating is your way of having fun, go for it! Just enjoy yourself:

Not me standing there staring for an hour pretending that I’m actually gonna buy CSI: Fatal Conspiracy on the Xbox 360:

Hopefully, some of these memes put a smile on your face, because we can all use a chance to smile every now and then. If you’re looking for more gaming memes, check out this list of memes centered around The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For other gaming content, maybe we can interest you in a list of rare and expensive Game Boy Advance games.

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