With a galaxy as vast as the one in Starfield, it’s hard not to find yourself overwhelmed with all the different literal and metaphorical hats you can wear. Luckily, there are enough things to do anywhere you look where you can find yourself getting caught roleplaying without even meaning to. If you’re looking for something new to do, here’s the 10 best ways to roleplay in Starfield.

Live the Corporate Lifestyle

starfield 10 best ways to roleplay corporate
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Look, sometimes traveling the galaxy can be a bit much. What with the pirates shooting you every time you make a wrong turn, every now and then you might just wanna take things easy at a corporate job. Luckily, you can get a job at good ol’ Ryujin Industries, a corporation with plenty of power in Neon. As you do, try to get into the character of the job to make it a whole lot easier to bear.

Working for Ryujin gives you the opportunity to live an almost straight-edge kinda lifestyle. Just know that they’re the kind of corporation that likes to…stay on top. That means your 9-5 will be filled with espionage, stealth, lies, and danger as a corporate operative. Don’t worry, get in good with the boss and you’ll even get your own office. If you’ve got your skills focused around things like persuasion and stealth, you’ll definitely have the upper hand in your ventures.

Set Sail As a Space Scoundrel

starfield 10 best ways to roleplay scoundrel
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Maybe you really don’t feel like wandering the galaxy helping people as you go, and nobody can blame you. It’s a cold, cold society out there, and sometimes it’s fun to feel like you’re above the law. You can certainly go against the law, stealing and killing as you please, and if you’ve got the Wanted trait, you can hold to your outlaw status.

If you’ve chosen the Space Scoundrel as your background already, you’re on the right path to living a life of moral ambiguity, but you can play the part even without that background. You can intimidate people into acting how you need, whether it be through actual Intimidation or letting your weapons do the talking. You can give yourself a reputation of someone who takes no nonsense, and you can use that to the advantage of yourself and your wallet.

Make Some New Gang Friends

starfield 10 best ways to roleplay gang
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Okay, hear me out. While it may not be the most reputable way to live, you’ve got to look on the bright side. Joining a gang is just like joining a very exclusive club that doesn’t like outsiders and doesn’t earn the best reputation. What some people see as a double-edged sword, others see as an extra-sharp blade.

Luckily, you get the support of your fellow gang members, but not before you don their sweet threads. Obviously the attire you get is gonna differ depending on who you join, but the Ebbside Strikers on Neon are a “good” group. They’re rough around the edges, but they’ve got a sense of morals when it comes to their own.

Collect Odds and Ends From All Over

starfield 10 best ways to roleplay collector
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What do you do in a galaxy filled with tissue boxes and succulents? Collect them all, of course! While you roam through the galaxy, there will be plenty of bits and bobs to snag whether they’re worth it or not. You may as well liberate these items of their negligent owners and bring them somewhere they’ll be better put to use. Like your ship. Or your house.

You can find all sorts of interesting items in people’s offices, apartments, and even in their pockets. Why not exploit those unattended items to either save yourself a bit of cash in decorating your own space, or make a little money back from someone who’d be more than happy to take it off your hands?

Live As a Traveling Clothes Merchant

starfield 10 best ways to roleplay merchant
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One thing that never dies, even after the exodus from Earth? Fashion. You can find people wearing anything from rags to robes throughout the Settled Systems, and there’s always a buyer who’s in the mood for something a little more…exotic. As you travel your way through the stars, you can check out every clothing shop and Trade Authority to buy and sell the best clothes, for the best prices.

The merchants don’t have the style you’re looking for? You can always get the best new trends fresh off the backs of those around you using a little “explosive liberation,” as I like to call it. After all, you can’t reap the benefits of the attire if you’re not wearing it yourself, so why not change that? Plus, you can make it a business venture to “buy” and sell whatever clothing you can get your hands on.

Become a Galactic Construction Worker

starfield 10 best ways to roleplay construction
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Put all those resources to use! Seriously, if they’re gonna be weighing down your inventory anyway, you may as well build something with it all, right? Just find yourself a solid planet to settle yourself down on, gather what you can and build yourself an empire…or at least just a hab and a couple of rooms.

You can use the planetary landscape as your blank canvas, building mining equipment, power supplies and research stations. You can even make a number of outposts in the same system and link them together, making for an operation that’ll surely accommodate your wildest building endeavors. It’ll help to have as much research as possible, because that way you can make your items as effective as possible.

Discover That Truckin’ is Honest Work

starfield 10 best ways to roleplay cargo missions
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Sometimes, you’ve got to escape to the open road to really clear your mind and give you inner peace. If you feel like that’s the life for you, claim some cargo shipping jobs from the mission boards and really get yourself in business! You can’t go anywhere without the proper attire though, so make sure you dress in some overalls and a hat, just to really look the part. Dress for the job you want, they say.

Even though you don’t have a truck per se, you can still make a fine living off of your ship while just running a few jobs. Or a lot of jobs, totally up to you. Not only is it an honest way to make a few credits, but you can also get yourself acquainted with the different systems in the galaxy. Upgrade your ship as much as possible to let it provide you with the utmost potential in your new line of work.

Explore the New Frontier

starfield 10 best ways to roleplay space explorer
Image Source: Bethesda Softworks via Twinfinite

Sarah Morgan seems like she’s got her head in the stars, but maybe that’s just the best way to live. There are countless mysteries out there to be discovered, so why not make it your objective to find them all? You certainly won’t be alone if you align yourself with Constellation. Starting off by following the main mission will surely help in this endeavor as you search for long-lost artifacts of an ancient time.

Finding these artifacts and the temples that they come from is the perfect excuse to wander your way across the stars, searching for answers and gaining powers. If that’s not enough, you can at least continue ticking star systems and worlds off your list of places to go until you’ve single-handedly explored the whole galaxy.

Become an Interstellar Flirt

starfield 10 best ways to roleplay flirt
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Look, not everyone’s got game. Sometimes, you say the wrong thing, or you act the wrong way and it puts people off, but in Starfield you can have all the charisma you’d like with just a quick quicksave. Maybe you care too strongly about all these companions, to the point where you want to take those relationships just a bit…farther.

Luckily for you, Starfield doesn’t actually have all that many characters for you to romance, but that just means it’ll be easier to get in close with who you want. All that time spent traveling with Sarah is sure to lead to a connection of sorts, so why fight it? Be the galactic schmooze you were born to be.

Be a Cowboy On the New Frontier

starfield 10 best ways to roleplay cowboy
Image Source: Bethesda Softworks via Twinfinite

One of the earlier companions that you can meet in the game, Sam Coe, is a little bit of a cowboy. He’s got the hat and the leathers, so why can’t you? You can venture the wilds of the galaxy with a Razorback six-shooter pistol, get yourself the gear and make the “Old West” as old and as west as you want it to be.

Now, the downside is that you don’t have a mount to ride, like a space-horse or a rover of some kind. That means you’re going to have to make do with your boost pack. However, just plant yourself in any of the bars (or Saloons) in the galaxy, stake your claim to whatever you want and you can live out your dreams of being a real outlaw. If you’ve got those, of course.

That does it for the 10 best ways to roleplay in Starfield. This list is certainly not comprehensive, giving you the freedom to live the life that you want while you play. There’s more than enough to do for you to happen upon something you like, and if you find yourself struggling with anything in particular, check out some of our mission guides.

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