Carving pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns is a common activity on Halloween, with many individuals choosing to carve out their favorite characters and franchise figures. If you’re a Pokemaniac looking to become a pumpkin carving master, we’ve got 10 of the best official Pokemon templates for beginners and pros alike.

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Gengar pumpkin carving template
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

It wouldn’t be Halloween without this big, ghoulish fella. I mean, c’mon, Gengar is arguably the most iconic Ghost Pokemon of all time and is well-adored by Trainers all over the world. With this pumpkin carving pattern, you’ll be able to bring Gengar’s Cheshire-like grin and narrowed gaze to life, recreating his creepy yet undeniably awesome aesthetics in full. This design also has a nice backlit element with the circular shape cut out, which will help the chonky lad stand out when illuminated by the interior light source.


Sabyleye pumpkin carving template
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Following up on that epic Gengar design is a Sableye with the same circular backlighting pattern, meaning these two would look great side by side. Sableyes’ design here may look quite tricky due to all of the small details that need to be carved out on its grin and gem-like eyes, but if you can pull this off, then you will undoubtedly have one of the best pumpkin designs around. After all, Sableye is a total gremlin; he would absolutely thrive in the season of Halloween.


Murkrow pumpkin carving template
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Keeping the circular cutout trend going is the spooky dark bird ‘Mon, Murkrow, who comes about as close to a bad omen as you can get in the Pokemon world. This guy has a pumpkin carving template that has him staring off into the distance. Just who or what is he looking at? I don’t know, but it sure is ominous.

In comparison to Sableye’s more intricate details, Murkrow has much smaller sections to cut out, so this one may be a solid choice for anyone intimidated by the idea of taking on the former’s wicked grin. Or, perhaps you’d like to add Murkrow to the trio and create a matching set of designs with Gengar and Sableye? The options are endless!


Mimikyu pumpkin carving template
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Next up, we have Mimikyu, which has become somewhat of an iconic and fan-favorite spooky Ghost-Type ‘Mon for the fact that it attempts to disguise itself as the franchise mascot, Pikachu. Now, Mimikyu can finally get the acceptance and love it deserves through your pumpkin carving, especially since the design consists mostly of large, easy-to-cut areas. This one should be simple enough for most people to take on, even the Youngster Joey in your family.

Pikachu Halloween Outfit

Pikachu pumpkin carving template
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Pikachu, of course, and this one is all dressed up to celebrate Halloween in style! With an adorable little witch hat and matching Pikachu-shaped pumpkin, this carving template will enable you to create the perfect Pokemon-themed jack-o-lantern that any fan will love and appreciate. Now’s the time to create a Pikachu pumpkin with a Pikachu pumpkin. Look at his little face – how could you possibly resist the beloved electric mouse?

Pikachu Scared

Pikachu pumpkin carving template
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Because one Pikachu will simply never be enough, I had to include this template as a secondary option. I know the poor little guy looks like he’s getting the fright of his life…but he’s just too darn cute! This pumpkin carving template is a great choice to consider as well, especially because the previous Pikachu design was more detail-heavy with lots of thinner lines. On the other hand, this variation has much bigger cutout areas for the most part, which may create an easier job when it comes to bringing the little guy to life in full pumpkin glory.


Salandit pumpkin carving template
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Salandit has always had a slightly creepy element to it, despite not being a Ghost Type or noted as particularly spooky. I mean, just look at his wicked grin. I’m convinced that this little lizard is up to absolutely no good. However, he does absolutely shine in this pumpkin carving template, with the design showing off quite a dynamic pose in which Salandit is standing on its hind legs and showing off his iconic smile. If that doesn’t scream spooky season in the Pokemon world, I don’t know what does.

Lycanroc Midnight

Lycanroc pumpkin carving template
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

The werewolf Pokemon has shown up just in time for Halloween with this Midnight Lycanroc pumpkin carving template. There’s just no denying this one; it looks awesome, showing off the classic slumped pose and toothy grin we’ve all come to love from this Rock Type. The design is also extremely eye-catching without including too many intricate details, which makes it a fun contender to consider for your Pokemon-themed pumpkin masterpiece. C’mon, you can’t deny it; this howling beast would make the perfect Spooktober decoration.


Duskull pumpkin carving template
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Consisting of some fun linework, this Duskull will look brilliant once illuminated, making an excellent selection for any spooky Pokemon pumpkin you’re planning to carve up. Unlike some of the other designs, this Duskull is a full-bodied piece and consists of different line weights, meaning it’s a great choice if you’re looking to challenge yourself this spooky season. Just look at those eyes – they’ll undoubtedly grab the attention of any passersby when they’re lit up and glowing in the darkness.

Silhouette templates

Pokemon silhouette pumpkin carving template
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

If some of the other options mentioned earlier are still too difficult, then Pokemon has also released various silhouette designs. These involve simply cutting out bigger shapes rather than needing to worry about minor details or intricate linework to bring your favorite specimens to life, meaning they’re perfect for kids to try their hand at, too. Plus, these Pokemon have such iconic silhouettes that any fan will be able to spot precisely which ‘Mon has been carved out, so there’s no need to worry. This is basically the ‘Who’s that Pokemon?’ game, but pumpkin edition.

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